Dental insurance plans for individuals They added that this is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. It is an advantage because before the health insurance system was implemented, Dental insurance plans for individuals patients already needed sick leave, but they preferred not to take it and not to go to the doctor by saving expenses and carrying fatigue with some analgesics. Some are tired to get leave.


They said that the implementation of the health insurance system, including its advantages and disadvantages, has contributed significantly to alleviate the suffering of residents and citizens of the UAE, wishing to reconsider the distribution of categories and segments, specifically division based on salaries.

Mustafa Al-Sakka and Amani Al-Gamal explained that the health insurance system is not only suitable for individuals who are healthy and healthy, pointing out the lack of coverage of health insurance for many types of treatment of diseases common to most people, most notably skin diseases, accidents and surgery.